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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How God Shows His Love for Us

June 23, 2014
            Well a few Sundays ago I had the great opportunity to give a talk in church.  It was a pretty good talk if I do say so myself.  Just Kidding.  If any of my talk touched anyone it was the Spirit that touched them and it was such an amazing blessing to study and pray for guidance to help and uplift others.  The theme for my talk is the title listed above and it really got me thinking about blessings I receive in my life.  
            For example I absolutely love ICECREAM.  I know this might be news to some of you because I became addicted to it in college.  But I love it so much that I have 2 ice cream stickers on the back of my badge.  So Heavenly Father knows that Sister Walton and I love ice cream and last week Sister Walton was having a super rough day.  We were contacting and a random man we contacted gave us Klondike bars. He was so amazing.  He is from Pakistan and lives in Rhode Island.  He was so interested in learning why we would dedicate our time to go out and teach the gospel and pay for it.  He is interested in reading the Book of Mormon.  Then it got even better because our rare meal appointment fed us ice cream sundaes.  The member also commented on Sister Walton's talk and the part that she shared a personal experience about feeling alone.  The member started crying because her daughter is going through the exact same thing right now and it gives her hope that she can get through it.  The ice cream life did not stop because later in the week a less active bought us ice cream twice......Double Stuffed Brownie.  Though thinking back on it I probably should have picked something else for Heavenly Father to show me his love.  Well as the elders say (as they pat their stomachs) my testimony is growing (just kidding it is not actually that bad)
            The sad news of the week:  President Jeppson is leaving this week.  The mission is going to miss him so much.  I try not a think about it.  He has been a source of such inspiration and love.  With his help I have come through the most difficult struggles I have faced out here.  He has been through so much and truly knows how to comfort those who stand in need of comfort.
            I love you all!
            Remember to read your scriptures because as you do everything else will get done.  Put God first and he will take care of the rest.
Sister Rogers

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