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Monday, October 27, 2014


October 27, 2014

            I'm staying in Freehold.  This next transfer will mark me being in Freehold for 7 1/2 months.  If any of you recall, that is how long I stayed in my last area.  When all is said and done, I will have been in two areas for 15 months.  In my mission that is actually a super-long time to be in an area, especially for a sister, but I guess I'm just special.  

            Who is excited for Halloween?  In New Jersey the night before Halloween is called the Night of Mischief which requires us to be in our homes by 6:00 for safety.  So we should have a very fun holiday.  On Friday our ward had a trunk or treat/chili cook-off.  There were 19 different chilies to try with tons of corn bread.  I think I had 3 bowls of the best white chili ever.  Even Sy, our investigator, came, but being 80 he decided to stay away from the chili which probably was the best choice.

            Most Amazing spiritual experience:  We assigned Sister Ransom (our less-active) to give a lesson on forgiveness and repentance to us.  Having her teach to us is a bit unconventional, but we did it because she seems to do better when she is teaching herself.  Sister Ransom’s talk was so amazing.  She even taught me a thing or two about how much repenting is such a great gift to us.  Here are some quotes from her lesson:

·** Repenting is burning all your bridges in every direction except for the one that you are going to follow.

** When you feel like your drowning in life, don't worry; your lifeguard walks on water.

Well thanks for all your support.  I love you.

Sister Jersey Rogers

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It is Fall

October 20, 2014

Happy Fall to Ya'll,

            This week I put my minimal math skills to use assisting in teaching a 12 year-old math.  It made me a bit worried about how long I have been out because of the confusion on my face as I tried to solve the problems.  

            Another skill that came in handy was my ability to clean gross things. Basically, a bathroom that hadn't been cleaned in at least 3 months (not my apartment) and a large area where plenty of used tissues resided.  I'm not trying to brag, but that place shined after I was through with it.  The apartment was my new comps, Sister Cobb and she had spent 2 weeks taking care of 2 sisters who had horrible sickness that caused many visits to the ER.

            There was also an amazing relief Society activity.  That involved emergency preparedness.  Everyone loved it.  We learned how to cook in Dutch ovens and what kind of supplies we needed to survive.  One of our less-actives, Sister Ransom, participated.  She has this cool idea of putting her driver’s license and all other important documentation copies on a flash drive so she can prove who she is if she ever has to leave.

            Well my companion is dying (she goes home soon), so for his last district meeting we all wore black like we were going to a funeral.

Sister Rogers


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Companion

October 13, 2014

            Well this week Sister Houghton and I got an extra addition to our companionship, Sister Cobb. (Pictures will come next week).  How we became companions was a bit crazy.  While tracting on walking day, we got a call from the assistants. My first reaction was emergency transfer.  I was terrified, but fortunately it was just getting an additional companion. Her companion had to go home due to medical reasons.  We were about an hour away from our apartment, so the sisters taking her said they would come pick us up.  It took longer than expected, so of course my brave companion took us to the front of the 7-11 and started waving to cars while singing hymns.  It was so ridiculous; I could not sing hymns because I was laughing so hard.  We did that for about 20 minutes.  I can testify that missions are 18 months of awkward moments.  

            We also had the neat experience of stake conference this week.  One of the Seventy came and spoke.  He made it an audience participation which is something that I have never seen at a conference.  It was a little like a college lecture.

            Sister Papin is doing so well; thanks for the prayers for her.  I know I have not mentioned her for a while.  She wasn't meeting with us for a while because her Mother has increased her dislike of the church.  Sister Papin decided that she needs this in her life, so things have been so much better.  

            Thanks for all the letter and emails. I will be writing everyone next week.  This has just been a busy transfer.

Sister Rogers


Monday, October 6, 2014

Me and Sister Houghton
October 6, 2014
            We watched “Meet the Mormons.”  It was an amazingly powerful reminder of who we are. I can't wait for everyone to see it!  Well, besides watching this amazing movie it also happened to be my year mark.  I am 1 in the mission.  Well let’s just say that is super weird because yesterday I was getting off a plane.  Now I only have one more session of General conference left before I go home.
            Well besides me being old this week, we taught the young men how to teach the first missionary discussion.  They did pretty well for never teaching anyone before.  There were a few times that it was really hard not to laugh, but I made it through with only a few smiles.  The ward plan is to make our ward an MTC for the young men and women.  
            One of our less-actives is quitting smoking.  She has gone over 2 days without smoking and she spent 8 hours in the church with us without anything but some gum.  We are so proud of her.  It is super hard to give up, but she wants to go to the temple.  The Lord is helping her so much and everyone has noticed a difference in her.  The light she has is shining forth.  She told us one of the keys to stop really any bad habit is to convince yourself that you are not losing anything, but gaining so much more.

Look at the new sparkly shoes Sister Scott gave us

              Sister Scotto, an elderly member, gave us the cutest sparkly shoes.  We visit her weekly and every time we complement on how cute they look.  Well to thank us for coming to see her, she bought us each a pair.  I love how much people desire to give.  It reminds me of Elder Holland's talk and it touched my heart so much.

Jersey Girl,

Sister Rogers