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Monday, September 29, 2014

Memorable Zone Conference Led by the President of the Seventy

September 29, 2014

            Well this week is conference—it is so exciting.  I can't wait to hear from the prophets and apostles.  I feel so inspired every time we get an opportunity even to read the talks that are given to help inspire and bless us. 

            This week was Zone Conference and the president of the Seventy came and spoke to us.  It was incredible the words that he spoke.  He said that the church could double its member ship in 10 years.  When he said that it impacted me so much to think that if we really obey the prophet’s council, many people will experience the same happiness and joy we get from being a part of the Lord's kingdom here on earth.  Through my mission I have struggled with overcoming being shy, which is something pretty common for anyone that knows me.  But the most amazing thing is that with the Savior I have been able to take leaps of faith that a year of go would have made me shutter.  So there is hope for all of you that desire to share the gospel, but are maybe a bit nervous to do it.

            Well we will just say that this week was a trial of slow-moving progress.  Everything just happened so fast and before I knew it the week was done and our numbers didn't look as if we had done much.  However, we did do a lot of service.  We painted Sister Melendez’s wooden play house, which was a lot of fun.  Afterwards she opened up to us about how she wants to prepare herself for the temple, but there are a few obstacles standing in her way. Please pray for her. She really needs it.

I love you all.  

Sister Rogers


Monday, September 22, 2014

Jersey Shore

September 22, 2014

            Well it has been a beautiful week in New Jersey.  Lots of sunshine. For P-Day we went to the beach; it was so pretty.  

            On Tuesday we had the great pleasure of eating at our ward mission leader's house.  It was so funny all the crazy things that had happened there.  Sadly their little baby slipped coming out of the bathroom hitting his head pretty hard.  Besides that commotion, we still managed to have somewhat of a meeting.  The Relief Society president also invited us over for some awesome family history.  While there, we took a tour of her house, which was like taking a step back into another time.  There were so many photos on the wall that her husband’s ancestors had painted along with their pictures.  I was in antique heaven with things as far back as the 17th century. 

            With the rest of the week so busy, we somehow managed to put all our appointments on Friday and we taught something every hour, which was spiritually draining and awesome all at the same time.  We unfortunately were teaching so long but a miracle happened and one of our appointments fed us dinner.  It was amazing how much God really provides for us.

            This week almost every less-active we talked to wanted to go to the temple without us even having to bring it up.  We are so excited for them to prepare.  It will be so cool.

I love you all.

Sister Rogers


Monday, September 15, 2014

Another Transfer in the Land of the Free

All ready for Church

Cutest dog in the world
September 15, 2014

            Well Sister Houghton cried in transfer planning because she was making her last planner.  I'm sad for her to, but the great thing is we have one whole transfer to stay together.  I know no one is surprised that I am staying because the Lord just wants me in my areas for a long time.  I will be in this area for 6 months.

            Not too much happened this week. We were finally able to make a breakthrough with Sister Papin and finally meet with her again.  We read in the Book of Mormon and the spirit there was so powerful.

            Things are still progressing with Sy (our Jewish investigator). Hopefully soon he will be able to come to church.  Please say some extra prayers for him.  I love serving in New Jersey. It is such a beautiful place with the most interesting people you could ever imagine.

            The Elders had a baptism yesterday for Justine, who is 22.  Strangely enough, she went to UVU and lived at Wolverine Crossing.  On her first Sunday here I got to talk with her and I befriend her.  She has such an amazing spirit and the gospel has put so much happiness in her life.  I love those moments were you get to see the gospel in action.

Sister Rogers



Our exchange


Walking 15 miles - the before picture

Monday, September 8, 2014

Nothing’s Better Than Jersey Food

September 8, 2014

        Wednesday we had an awesome day with our Sister Training Leader.  People kept stopping us on the road and asking for direction which somehow always leads into a gospel conversation.  One person that stopped us, Victoria, had gotten lost trying to find a new apartment she was applying for. We used the GPS to send her in the right direction.  Though she wasn't interested in hearing about the gospel, the spirit was super strong with her as we shared our faith.  Victoria only made it down the road a few blocks before she got lost again, so this time she followed our car to her destination.  

      I ate at my first diner in New Jersey it was called Four Seasons.  Jersey has the most diners in the world, so it was only necessary that I visit one. They had really good burgers.  The best of all was my companion also introduced me to disco fries! They are happiness covered in gravy and mozzarella cheese.  Best fries ever!  

      Walking day was another great surprise.  Because we were unable to find a ride to our appointment, we walked 15 miles. Then we had the privilege of eating the best potato salad ever (sorry Grandma) though the color of the salad was orange.  We came to find out why the potatoes were so good.  It was because they had about 2 tablespoons of bacon grease in them.  We are hoping to adapt the recipe to something a bit healthier. On the walk home, I drank water like a horse even taking some of my companion’s water.  Sister Houghton says I barely made it, but at least I have a new record for walking.  We had a few miracles along the way of course; we were able to teach two lesson.  One man even committed to baptism after we taught him the restoration lesson.

     Sunday I'm not sure how, but we end up with 2 dinner appointments.  We don't have very many members in our area, so the likelihood that two of them could manage to feed us on the same day was just not very likely.  After having dinners of fajitas and then chili with corn bread, I have never been so full in my life.  And just as I somehow finished my dinner, they bring out ice cream for dessert. There was no way in the world that I could say no to ice cream.  Let’s just say we rolled out of that member’s house.

Sister Rogers

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Answers to Prayers

Me at Burrowes Mansion Museum
September 2, 2014
            We had an amazing lesson this week.  We were teaching one of our returning members about the temple and we asked her if she would pray about a day that she would enter the temple for the first time.  We were surprised to find that she already had a date in mind, July 2016.  We were so excited for her.  
            On Saturday this week we were having a bit of a rough day and our zone goal is that we are supposed to have a little stress free-time.  So we bought a container of ice cream and ate it on the beach. We happened to one of the few white people on the beach and we looked a crossed the water at New York.  It was so much fun!
            The ward has asked us to visit Sis Scotto who recently was moved into a nursing home.  On Sunday night we came to visit her and told us that she felt as if someone would come see her.  She was so happy.  The crazy thing was that we hadn't even planned to go see her.  God is so aware of all of us.  It is such a blessing to be doing his work.
            Well I finally got some pics for you.  The beautiful one in the blue is my companion.
Sister Rogers
Ice cream on the beach
Sister Scotto with her fabulous shoes and my comp

The beautiful one in the blue is my companion