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Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015


      All I wanted to say this week is the Savior's atonement is real.  I have felt him in my darkest hours of need and I know that he cares for each and every one of us.  If you haven't felt his love or you need to be healed right now in your life,  start by simply asking.

This is an amazing video produced by the church.

Sister Rogers

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Working with the Ward

Here I go!

March 23, 2015
 Family (believe me, you all are family),

            Hair chopping day!  You can see from the pictures that I got a new look.  I wasn't planning on it ‘till yesterday when my companion saw my pics when I cut my hair last summer.  She kept telling me to do it again and lo and behold our t-up is going to school for hair.  Sydora was just so sweet I couldn't resist giving her a shot at my poker-straight hair. Everyone at the school thought I was crazy for cutting so much off.  They had to cut it 3 times to get it the length I wanted. That was the first time I have ever paid for a haircut and it cost me
a whole 12 dollars.  So worth it.
            There were so many changes in our work this week.  We establish expectations with Bishop because he had the authority over the work. After that things seem to all fall together.  We were able to teach more and see the people that really needed our help.  This ward has a hard time with keeping the new members active.  We addressed the common problem that no one was being their friend.  The key to the work is we must strengthen the ward before we bring anyone new into the church.  It seems that as we have had that perspective as our focus then the work starts to really progress.  We are no longer afraid to drop those who are not ready for the gospel at this time. We are truly doing what the Lord has called us to do.
            Amazing quote that was shared in the YSA Sunday School about the Savior.  “He came to pay a debt he did not owe because we owed a debt. we could not pay.”
Love you so much!

Sister Rogers



Me and my companion, Sister Brown

Monday, March 16, 2015


Me with my new compaion, Sister Brown
March 16, 2015

            So everyone gets an apology if I didn't write them last week.  I got locked out of my email and they just barely cleared it today.  I was also sick this week and so I wasn't able to write letters.

            I have an amazing companion, Sister Brown. Of course, she is from Utah, but her heritage is from Samoa and Tonga. Her current course in school is physiology at the U.  There are 6 in her family with a brother on a mission in South Africa.

            This past week I was sick with major congestion, sore throat, and headaches.  Basically my nose is leaking like a fire hydrant and I've used my fair share of the toilet paper.  Church was still a lot of fun because we are over the Young Single Adult ward and they are so much fun.  It is amazing how we are teaching someone from every age 60 to 19 about the Christ's Gospel and it truly applies to every one of them individually.  The Savior can truly heal all wounds.

2 weeks ago
             Miracles happened the first teaching day I was here.  We were teaching Allen, an investigator who had been taught since November, and he was bringing up so many concerns about the word of wisdom and just prophets in general. We started asking him soul searching questions and it was revealed that there was something missing. Finally we asked him "Allen, have you ever felt that God loves you?"  He said no. Why would he accept Joseph Smith as a prophet if he first didn't know that God cares? The Spirit works miracles.

            The next teaching appointment was equally as powerful.  Sister Brown committed our new investigator to pray about God's vision for his life and next time we would teach him about God’s vision and how he can achieve that.  There was such a powerful spirit.

Sister Rogers  

Here is My New Address
46C Meadowbrook Pl.
Maplewood, NJ 07040


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Saying Goodbye

Brother Thiong, Brother Jacob, and Me
March 2, 2015

            I'M LEAVING.......  Actually, both my companion and I are leaving.......In fact all the missionaries in the branch are leaving and they will have 4 new missionaries tomorrow.  I'm not sure what happened.  So basically it has been a bit of a hectic week.

            Well since I didn't send a letter last week I'll give you an update. Tuesday we got a phone call from our mission president's wife saying that she wants to go do missionary work with us.  That night we met with our investigator Agya and taught him about the book of Mormon.  Sister Taggart was amazing.   The not so exciting thing we did at district meeting was eating Balut ( it is a half incubated duck egg).  It tasted a little like a gross egg--very horrible.

            New York pizza is the best in the world.  So our awesome member brought a pizza all the way from New York for us to try.  I have never had such good pizza.  The crust was amazing.  Don’t get me wrong Jersey pizza is amazing to, but there is something about NY pizza. Everyone says its the Brooklyn water and I think I believe them.

            Had the coolest experience on my mission.  Camilla(our investigator) prayed for the first time in her whole life.  The spirit was so strong.   God cares so much about his children and it is amazing to see how even the most simple experiences help change us.

            Spending there last couple of days saying goodbye to all.  I’m going to miss this place.

Signing out
Sister Rogers

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Grossed Out

Having fun in the car

February 17, 2015

            So at District meeting today we ate balut which is a half-incubated duck egg.  I still feel sick.  Our District Leader made it for us because he and the rest of our district are from the Philippines and that is something they eat over there.  Google some pictures or if you have a weak stomach it might be better not to.

            I’m having a good time here in Elizabeth with my companion, Sister Clarke. We had an awesome Valentine’s Day because a single sister in the ward took us out for Chinese food and bought us Valentines donuts.  They were really good.

            I'm running out of time, but I love you all so much.

Sister Rogers
Bad picture of the donuts we got on Valentine's Day

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Another Week in the Garden State

February 9, 2015

            NO time to write this week, so maybe I will actually get some letters out to you.  We finally have a branch mission leader.  We haven't had one in about 3 months, so we are super excited.  They actually had to move him from the Spanish ward to the English ward because our ward is so small it needed to happen.

            Our investigator who has cancer went to the hospital because he got the flu.  It is so horrible and he is so sick.  His name is Rafael and if you could pray for him that would be great.


            We were about to check out some referrals that had been given to us when right outside the building, a man and his wife were trying to get their car off the ice. They were having a really hard time of it so we spent about 15 minutes pushing the car back and forth to get it on the road.  Afterwards, the husband said we could come back over and we taught them and their five-week-old baby girl the next day.  It was such a neat experience.  I love how God puts us exactly in the places we need to be.

Sister Rogers