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Monday, July 21, 2014

It’s a Rainin’ in Jersey

July 21, 2014

            I don't know what it is about New Jersey, but the rain here is crazy.  We have had so many flash floods in the last week it was crazy.  The rain is so bad that the windshield wipers are not fast enough so that we can see.

            The miracle this week is that our less active, Sister Papin, came to church again for the second time.  It is so amazing because she is reading her scriptures all the time.  She loves them.  But unfortunately she was in the position that she didn't have time last week to read and she told us that her week went horrible.  She said, “You need to come over, it is horrible.”  She expressed that when she read her scriptures that everything worked out, but nothing did when she didn't read her scriptures.  Let’s just say she is planning on reading her scriptures from now on.

            We don't have many investigators right now, but we have some ineradicable less active that are progressing so well.  One of them gave a talk on Sunday and gave us a shout out a few times during her talk.  

Sister Rogers

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