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Monday, July 14, 2014

New Mission President

Saying Goodbye to the Jeppsons

My new Mission President & His Wife - Paul and Jane Taggart
July 14, 2014

            Well everything has been going crazy with the New Mission President and his wife.  He has some big changes he wants to start implementing in the mission.  We are really focusing on using all finding our ideas, even if they are a bit crazy.  This last week we met them and it was such a neat experience.  

            We were eating banana pancakes in the kitchen and Sister Taggart walked in.  Of course, as the good missionaries we are, we offered her some so she sat down at the table and started eating off the plate that had clearly been someone else’s not long ago.  She even picked up a fork and asked us how many people had used it.  We had determined that less than 5 people had been eating with it, so obviously it was still usable.  She is so awesome.

            President Taggart is a spiritual walking faith bomb.  He has great ideas and he is ready to really help this mission step up its game.  One thing that he said that really stuck in my mind is that he reads his scriptures as long as it takes to feel the spirit.  I know before my mission I sometime read my scriptures because I felt like I was supposed to, but to think if we could start every day feeling the spirit how much happier we could be every day.

            This week we had the privilege of doing lots of service.  We were able to help a lady move in to our ward plus we started organizing a storage area for a less active, which basically added up to 5.5 hours of service, so we might have been a little tired at the end, but it was completely worth it.

Love you all.
Sister Rogers

Just being silly with my Comp

Mansion house..... Yes this is what my area is like

When you don't have parking do it the Jersey way

Being crazy in the car.  These are the Jersey Sisters

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