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Monday, January 12, 2015

3 Months to Go

Elaine and myNew Blanket
January 12, 2015

            I learned this week about the power of the atonement in the lives of all God's children.  We have many people that are trying to make it back to church and a lot of them are struggling with addictions.  One of them, Brother Elco, expressed to us his concern that he could not come back to church because he smoked.  We talked to him about how that was a false notion because the Savior wants us to come to church no matter what and he wants us to repent.  The next week we brought a recent convent who also is struggling to stop smoking and her advice to him was to read his scriptures and just keep praying.  It is so amazing how God asks us to do such simple things and miracles come that would never have happened on their own.

            The picture below is one of our beloved members that made me a blanket that is around my shoulders.  Elaine has some special needs, but she is so funny.  She gives all the missionaries nicknames. Some of the names are not so appealing like no-no, turtle, drum, and rice ball.  Lucky
enough I got the name of Singer.  She makes blankets for all the missionaries that serve in Elizabeth and likes to call us 5 times a day.  Elaine is working on going to the temple this year.

            So many of you have noticed that I have been on my mission for quite a while and don't worry I still have a few more months left.  You might be pleased to note that my companion that I am currently serving with reminds me every day that I only have 3 months left and when missionaries leave the mission we call that dying.  So every day I get to hear "You are dying soon."

Sister Rogers


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