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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Miracles in the New Year

January 5, 2015 

To my Favorite People,

            The week has been amazing.  The Lord blessed us with 23 lessons and usually the area only get 18 on a good week. 

Miracle this week: We were walking home for correlation when a mother and her son started walking with us.  I asked her how her New Year's went which lead into a conversation about how she is changing her life with the Savior. Before I could even ask if we could visit her, she was giving us the address to her home.  On Saturday we taught Lena and her husband about the restoration.  We asked her husband, Roberto how he has felt the spirit. He told us that as we were talking to Lena he felt the spirit telling him to go listen to what we were talking about.  It was so spiritual.  They even said they would be baptized and Roberto came to church on Sunday.  Sadly they live in the elders’ area, so they will continue to teach them.

            That was the big miracle for the week.  New Year’s we were out contacting at 8 at night.  People thought we were crazy.  It was so cold, but so worth it for the Lord.

            I ;ove this great work.  See you next week.

Sister Rogers

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