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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Diversity of New Jersey; First Zone Conference

October 28, 2013

            Today is a beautiful day in New Jersey.  Since last week I talk a little bit about my area I guess I would like to give you the amazing overview of where I live.  It’s called Englewood but most people tend to refer to it as Englehood—very funny.  It’s actually a cute suburb that is known for its diversity.  There is a variety of people Asians, Jewish, Jamaicans, African Americans, people south of North America (way too many to name), Italians, and anyone else you would like to throw in there you could find in this place.  A lot of people live here because it is so close to New York, but if you want to cross the bridge to get there it is $13 per drive over.  Crazy Right? 

           The diversity over here makes everything so much more interesting.  The people in our ward are the coolest.  This last Sunday the Relief Society lesson was given by Sister Chow, a Korean lady, who made a game of singing parts of hymns in Korean and then we had to guess which ones they were.  There is such a variety of people that the ward is actually a Spanish-English ward.  Almost all of the service is in English with Spanish translation, but it would be nice to know some Spanish right now. 

           We taught Greg and Chris the first lesson! And set up another appointment!  I met another one of our investigators this week, Cherry.  I love her!!!!!! She has so much Black Spunk.  We are hoping to get her to church this Sunday.  I love the people here and can't wait to get to know them better.  There is surprisingly a lot of people in our ward from Utah.

            My companion and I have done a lot of studying to help me get down the first lesson.  I've taught it with her a couple of times and guess what? I'm getting better.  We have even taught a few members for practice and they have had a lot of fun. 

            Friday was Zone Conference which was a lot of fun with a lot of food.  We heard a lot of inspirational mission motivators and did several role plays to help improve our teaching skills.  There were even a few missionaries going home in a couple of weeks that gave talks and they were beautiful.  Their testimonies were amazing.  One Elder said "Be positive. A good friend taught me that.  His name is Heavenly Father."  Another said "It doesn't matter where you serve.  You are called in the place of the Savior."

            Miracle of the week:

Visited a ward member Sister Santa Maria, and while there she told me that even though I might be missing home, she thanked me because the work I am doing is the work that she should be doing, but she can't.

           Random Fact About New Jersey:  It’s the Diner Capital of the World—600 Diners


Sister Rogers

P.S. Will not be getting mini iPads until April.....And can't use Facebook yet.


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