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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My First Exchange and Halloween

District Sisters
November 4, 2013

            Well on the night of Mischief (October 30th) and on Halloween we had to be in our homes by 6:00.  Which meant glorious sleep.  I know sad, but we did have two trick-or-treaters that were beyond cute, so we have been eating the rest of our candy all week. 
            The first exchange was this week.  I switched companions for a day.  We went to Caldwell in New Jersey.  So much fun!  Exchanges are just like sleep overs with another missionary.  The place I went to felt exactly like Washington near Grandma and Grandpa Rogers’ house.  It felt like going on vacation all over again. 
            The Church Building is a condemned old building that is falling apart.  The ward has been there for 13 years.  They are building a real church house and if you so desire you can even look it up.  It’s called the Englewood church building.  It is supposed to be this revolutionary building that is eco-friendly and has some amazing underground parking.  The ward is super excited to get into the new building.

            The work is not super-fast in this area, but I am really amazed at the people that God has put in our path to teach.  We were trying to find less-actives in a sketchier neighborhood late at night (which means about 8 o'clock) when we met the less-active we had been looking for.  Marcus was on his porch smoking.  He told us that he was hoping that we wouldn't come over here because he was sinning.  We had a really great conversation that lead him to realizing that he would like to change.  It was amazingly cool and powerful.  The spirit was so strong.

Sister Rogers

P.S.  Someone please send me pictures of their Halloween costumes.  Send it to  I miss dressing up.

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Falling asleep on the train

Me just chilling with Samuel

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