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Monday, November 18, 2013

My First Baptism and a New GPS

November 16, 2013
I got a new GPS!!!!!!!!! So happy, maybe we won't get lost as much. For P-Day most of the elders and my companion played sports, while I spent my time working up my skills on Apples to Apples and Uno.  Let’s just say I totally won.  The most exciting news of the week........Are you ready for this......We have a baptism next Sunday!!!!!!!!   Lorretta!! She is one of the most prepared people that my companion has met on her mission so far.  Today we were finishing up the last few lessons and we asked her to pay tithing after baptism.  Her response was "10 percent is not very much to pay."  She is so incredible.  In her prayers she always goes on about how happy she is and how she is so ready to be baptized.
I did something so interesting last week; it’s called a Blitz.  It’s where a large group of missionaries get together in an area that is really struggling for investigators and they go around contacting people in that area for an hour or more.  This area just so happened to be a Spanish-speaking area, so I spent about an hour smiling at people while Hermosa (Sister) Clark did all the talking.  The people thought it was very funny that I could not understand a single word that they were saying.  There was even one lady who started crying as she was talking about her son that was not being kind to her.  I was so excited for the missionaries to teach her.

Sister Rogers

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