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Monday, November 25, 2013

Baptism and A New Companion!​!!!!!!!!!!​

November 25, 2013

       Loretta was baptized! Here is just a little more background on Loretta.  She was referred to us by a 92-year-old member (who still drives), Sister Moses. She is from Jamaica and has the simplest most amazing testimony of the gospel.  Every time we ask how she feels about it all she says is, "I'm going somewhere. I can feel it.  God wants me to get baptized."  The service was amazing. She was baptized three times. After she was worried that she had done it wrong because they had to do it so many times.   Her experience was so amazing that after all she could say was "I feel so light!”  The service really took off from there. With someone singing a solo......Humm......  Yes, somehow my companion decided to put me down to sing a solo. I was somehow able to sing “How Great thou Art.” My companion had to give a talk after 3 people canceled on her (mostly because of sickness).  The Bishop and Relief Society President spoke and we were lucky enough to have our wonderful mission president speak.  It was incredible the way he spoke to her and he told us that he could feel the most amazing spirit just radiating from her. Everything was great.

Later on President Jeppsen pulled my companion aside and told her that she was being transferred to become the next Sister Training Leader.  I'm going to miss her so much, but this is an amazing opportunity for her. So I'm getting another trainer soon and I hope next week I will get the pictures of my (now old) companion up and going.  It’s been a fun six weeks to spend with her and now she is off to new adventures. 

P.S. Sorry such a short letter but a lot has gone on this week. But I’ll write a long one next week.

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