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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snow is Falling and No Driving

December 16, 2013
Here in New Jersey if we get a couple of inches of snow they close the schools and no missionaries are driving cars.  We have had a couple of surprise walking days this week.  On Saturday we had the ward Christmas party which turned out great.  We had so much food and I was the official egg scrambler. Our less active family came and it was so much fun. 
This week we ate at Bishop Rumble's house.  His wife told us the story of how they were married.  While living in Jamaica she became a member.  She had known Bishop Rumble almost her entire life, but she wanted to get married in the temple.  She came to the United States, but the boys here were "too much for her."  She came back to Jamaica and made him promise that he would take her to the temple.  It took him a long time before he joined the church.  It was so long in fact people started thinking he was a member because he would come to church every week.  It was so funny.
The funniest thing that happened this week is texting Noah.  This week we received a referral from church headquarters about a man named Noah.  The past sisters have received the same referral, but when they went they were not treated very kindly by someone who lives there.  By the way, Noah lives in a mansion house that is completely gated.  I'm terrified to go in there. He finally texted us back and we are going to deliver a pamphlet.  Maybe I'll be able to go into a rich-person house and see inside.  Maybe if I can get up the courage we can ask for a tour.
Sister Rogers’ embarrassing moment:
I asked a lady if she was excited for Christmas. 
She said "no."
  I asked her" why."
"I'm Jewish"
I hope you are all laughing.
Guess what, I'm turning 20 next Monday.  None of you will see me when I am 20.  In missionary terms that is called a dead year.  Hope you have fun in the snow.  Eat lots of candy for me. 
Sister Rogers

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