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Monday, December 9, 2013

An Amazing Thanksgiving, Upcoming Temple Visit

December 9, 2013

We get to go to the temple!!!!!! I'm so excited.  As a zone we are going to the Manhattan temple to do a session the day after Christmas. It’s a great birthday present and can you believe it I'm turning 20!!! That doesn't even feel real.  Thank everyone so much for sending the treats and letters makes me feel like I'm back at home for a few minutes.  Well New Jersey got a little bit of snow, but not as much as Saint George.  I've got a new companion. Her name is Sister Shearer and I'm pretty sure I pronounce it differently every time I say it.   It’s great that my companion doesn't notice.  She is from Hurricane, Utah.  Her favorite pass times are drawing (she is an amazing artist) and organizing (which I need a lot of help on).  She loves soccer, which is wonderful because a ward hosts a soccer night every Friday night. 

Thanksgiving was wonderful and was hosted by our wonderful ward members, the Overbeys.  There were so many people there and the food was great (of course food from home is always better).  Thanks so much for all the cards that were sent they gave me such a laugh.  And for all those who I have neglected this week you can expect a letter in the mail and if I don't write to you I don't have your address so please send it to me.

          One of the funniest things that always seem to be happening to me is that somehow I always get called on to do something in the meetings that we have.  For example, I was asked again to do another training (which is like a 5 min. talk) in my district.  This is my 3rd on and my companion that is been out 9 months has only ever done 3.  Apparently God wants me to learn something; I just have to figure out what it is.  One time they even forgot to call a chorister and I was the only one who happened to make eye contact with the zone leader and he gave me that look that said "we need you!" My new rule is never make eye contact.  No, the real reason that I get picked on is because I'm new, but we have 4 new missionaries fresh of the plane that I'm sure could take the lead. It’s so much fun being surrounded by amazing missionaries.

          We have one of the most amazing investigators that I have ever seen.  His name is Oj and he is 14 years old.  His Grandma is a member, but can't go all the time to church. The amazing part is that he wakes his parents up to bring him to church.  He loves church.  He tells us all the time that he is actually learning something and he loves it when we teach him.  He has a younger brother that idolizes him and likes to come to church with his big brother.  His Grandma, Deserene, has one of the most powerful testimonies about sharing the gospel that I've ever seen. She reads and prays every single day instead of watching TV. She is constantly inviting everyone in her family to take the missionary lessons and wants them to be saved.

         Lorretta is on fire.  We taught her about the temple and see just kept saying I hope I don't die before I can go to the temple.  She tells us all the time "Why didn't I hear about this before?"  She loves the gospel so much and is constantly learning at a rate that without God would not be possible.

         A conclusion that I have made is that the Jamaicans are where it is at.  Deserene, Lorretta, and Bishop Rumble are all from Jamaica.  Maybe we need to find some more of them to teach.

Miracle for the Week:

We were out visiting less actives and my companion told me we needed to knock at least one house.  I saw one on the street that I liked and after ringing the doorbell this lady answered saying "my sisters come in."  We were shocked.  No one even talks to us when we knock and she had invited us inside.  We had an amazing lesson on the book of Mormon and had a great talk about religion.  It was so wonderful teaching that lesson.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and watched the Christmas Devotional.  
I love you and miss you lots thanks for all your love.

Sister Rogers         

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