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Monday, May 12, 2014

Leaving Englewood behind......

May 12, 2014

            Well I am being sent to another area.  It was official at 8 this morning.  It is really exciting because a brand new missionary fresh off the plane is coming to take my place.  It will be so cool because she actually gets to experience a baptism in her first week, which will be such a neat experience for her.

            Katie, who is 8 years old, is getting baptized on Sunday and we are so excited for her.  She is constantly reading her scriptures. Katie wanting to be baptized has caused her grandma to come to church regularly and begin striving to live the commandments better.  She is such a great example to her family, especially her parents that are not members.

            We saw so many miracles this week.  They began on Wednesday when we met Linda.  From the first few moments that we met her she told us that she had learned lots about other religions and the Holy Spirit told her to learn about the Mormons.  Of course my companion and I were grinning from ear to ear.  As the lesson progressed, she listened so intently, soaking everything in.  I have never had anyone listen so intently to the words coming out of my mouth.  Linda is so prepared that she already invited us to teach others and told us she is planning to attend bother her church and ours. It will be over 4 hours of church for her. That is dedication right there.

            Another amazing news is the member that we have been working with in our ward is going to the temple for the first time next month.  She has been in the church for 19 years and has always been a bit nervous about it, but as we talked and she felt the spirit she knew it is what she needed to do. She is going to have such a neat experience there and we are so excited for her.

Sister Rogers

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