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Monday, August 25, 2014


These are my zone leaders.  We won the baseball tournament. Go Zone 11
August 25, 2014

       Well My Awesome Peoples.  This week has been grand.  We went and picked our own peaches in the trees of New Jersey and the elders even made us a whole pie with the peaches they picked.  I was surprised,  too.  Today we went to the "Shore" as they say in Jersey.  We made a sort of sand castle with our district and just as a lady was taking a picture, a huge wave came up from behind us destroying our sand castle. Gratefully, we did not get to wet.

            It is incredible how God brings people to the church.  We heard a conversion story of a man who was a Catholic priest and dedicated 12 years of his life to it.  The sacrifice people make is stunning.  

            We had an amazing contact the other day.  We were walking to a potential’s home when we noticed a lady walking and holding a large dog in her hand while still walking a small dog.  It seemed a little strange so we started a conversation with her.  We just asked her some questions about God and shared with us a heart wrenching story about how she had lost many of her family members suddenly none of whom had any sign of death.  She is also in a marriage where she is basically in a prison and not allowed out of the house for more than an hour.  The spirit was so strong as she talked to us and afterwards she told us that she felt as if a burden had been lifted off her chest.  That had never happened before.  I know God put us there so that she could know that he cares about her.  It is such a blessing to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord.

            We are Spiritual Walking Faith Bombs.  Sorry the letter is short didn't get much time to email.

Sister Rogers

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