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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Answers to Prayers

Me at Burrowes Mansion Museum
September 2, 2014
            We had an amazing lesson this week.  We were teaching one of our returning members about the temple and we asked her if she would pray about a day that she would enter the temple for the first time.  We were surprised to find that she already had a date in mind, July 2016.  We were so excited for her.  
            On Saturday this week we were having a bit of a rough day and our zone goal is that we are supposed to have a little stress free-time.  So we bought a container of ice cream and ate it on the beach. We happened to one of the few white people on the beach and we looked a crossed the water at New York.  It was so much fun!
            The ward has asked us to visit Sis Scotto who recently was moved into a nursing home.  On Sunday night we came to visit her and told us that she felt as if someone would come see her.  She was so happy.  The crazy thing was that we hadn't even planned to go see her.  God is so aware of all of us.  It is such a blessing to be doing his work.
            Well I finally got some pics for you.  The beautiful one in the blue is my companion.
Sister Rogers
Ice cream on the beach
Sister Scotto with her fabulous shoes and my comp

The beautiful one in the blue is my companion

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