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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Another Week in the Garden State

February 9, 2015

            NO time to write this week, so maybe I will actually get some letters out to you.  We finally have a branch mission leader.  We haven't had one in about 3 months, so we are super excited.  They actually had to move him from the Spanish ward to the English ward because our ward is so small it needed to happen.

            Our investigator who has cancer went to the hospital because he got the flu.  It is so horrible and he is so sick.  His name is Rafael and if you could pray for him that would be great.


            We were about to check out some referrals that had been given to us when right outside the building, a man and his wife were trying to get their car off the ice. They were having a really hard time of it so we spent about 15 minutes pushing the car back and forth to get it on the road.  Afterwards, the husband said we could come back over and we taught them and their five-week-old baby girl the next day.  It was such a neat experience.  I love how God puts us exactly in the places we need to be.

Sister Rogers

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