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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Snow Miracles

February 2, 2015

            Well if anyone was watching the New York or New Jersey news, you would know on Monday when I last wrote they were predicting this crazy storm.  It was supposed to be so terrible that they shut the bus and subways down; In addition, if you were caught on the street past 11:00in New York they would give you up to a $300 ticket.

            The storm was nothing to be alarmed by.  In fact, it blew over and we only got about 10 inches. So I have learned something in New Jersey. Never trust a weather man.

Miracle This Week

            Recently we had received a headquarters referral that a man wanted a bible.  We dropped the bible off, but it became very hard to get in contact with him to see when we could come visit him.  Many times we stopped by and either he would be at work or sleeping.  Of course the night we stopped by, he was sleeping, but his college-aged daughter started asking us questions.  It was amazing how she had grown up in such a strict church (They are not allowedto wear pants or make up).  She was discovering man's truth and God's truth for herself.  She was actively trying to understand what God wanted her to do.  We are so excited to teach her next week.

            We also had called a random less-active in our phone that was not on our branch list.  We met with him on Saturday and found out he had never been baptized.  He just likes being called brother with his last name.  He also came to church on Sunday.  So awesome.

I love you all.

Keep sharing God's love,

Sister Rogers

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