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Monday, March 16, 2015


Me with my new compaion, Sister Brown
March 16, 2015

            So everyone gets an apology if I didn't write them last week.  I got locked out of my email and they just barely cleared it today.  I was also sick this week and so I wasn't able to write letters.

            I have an amazing companion, Sister Brown. Of course, she is from Utah, but her heritage is from Samoa and Tonga. Her current course in school is physiology at the U.  There are 6 in her family with a brother on a mission in South Africa.

            This past week I was sick with major congestion, sore throat, and headaches.  Basically my nose is leaking like a fire hydrant and I've used my fair share of the toilet paper.  Church was still a lot of fun because we are over the Young Single Adult ward and they are so much fun.  It is amazing how we are teaching someone from every age 60 to 19 about the Christ's Gospel and it truly applies to every one of them individually.  The Savior can truly heal all wounds.

2 weeks ago
             Miracles happened the first teaching day I was here.  We were teaching Allen, an investigator who had been taught since November, and he was bringing up so many concerns about the word of wisdom and just prophets in general. We started asking him soul searching questions and it was revealed that there was something missing. Finally we asked him "Allen, have you ever felt that God loves you?"  He said no. Why would he accept Joseph Smith as a prophet if he first didn't know that God cares? The Spirit works miracles.

            The next teaching appointment was equally as powerful.  Sister Brown committed our new investigator to pray about God's vision for his life and next time we would teach him about God’s vision and how he can achieve that.  There was such a powerful spirit.

Sister Rogers  

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