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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Called to Teach and Serve

March 3, 2014

     This week in district meeting I was asked to do another training (5th one so far and my companion who has been out a year, has only done 4).  Training is where a missionary teaches all the missionaries in their district.  Let’s just say I'm super grateful for guidance of the Spirit.  This week was a lot of fun and I found out that my companion is super-good at decorating cupcakes.  

     I visited New York twice, but the second time was a bit unexpected with Sister Shearer driving over the Washington Bridge.  That was quit an adventure, but a lot better than last time.  It’s really cool because the bridge has actually 2 layers that you are allowed to drive on.

      One of the incredible opportunities about a mission is that we have the privilege of meeting the most amazing people.  This week we were able to hear the conversion story of Sister Fisher.  Her father and stepmother were members, but she didn't have any desire to join the church, although she loved to read and she completely read the Book of Mormon.  However, I’m not even that would push her towards taking the missionary discussions.  But with many years of the ward encouraging her, a newly returned missionary (after hearing her knowledge of the church) told her that she would soon be baptized.  She finally read the scriptures that he gave her and decided that even if it would risk damaging her marriage, she would find out if it was true.  She prayed and fasted for 3 days and on the third day she was super upset because she discovered how much she wanted it to be true.  And then God witnessed it to her that it was true.

       Sunday was a crazy day.  After the last two hours of church was canceled due to a strange burning smell in the building, we were at a bit at a loss for what to do because we usually don't need to plan a backup for church.  But luckily the Spirit had better plans and my companion and I had an amazing family home evening with Deresene and her grandkids.  We had OJ (14) teach us an amazing lesson about the 10 commandments with his power point presentation.  We played an amazing book of Mormon guessing game.  The prize was awesome s'more fudge cupcakes (thanks Mom).

Miracle for this week

On Sunday we received a member referral from someone in Utah.  He told us that she had checked out the Book of Mormon from the library and wants her own copy!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course she can have her own.  We try to give them away.  I'm so excited to contact her.

The Missionary from Jersey,

Sister Rogers


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