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Monday, September 8, 2014

Nothing’s Better Than Jersey Food

September 8, 2014

        Wednesday we had an awesome day with our Sister Training Leader.  People kept stopping us on the road and asking for direction which somehow always leads into a gospel conversation.  One person that stopped us, Victoria, had gotten lost trying to find a new apartment she was applying for. We used the GPS to send her in the right direction.  Though she wasn't interested in hearing about the gospel, the spirit was super strong with her as we shared our faith.  Victoria only made it down the road a few blocks before she got lost again, so this time she followed our car to her destination.  

      I ate at my first diner in New Jersey it was called Four Seasons.  Jersey has the most diners in the world, so it was only necessary that I visit one. They had really good burgers.  The best of all was my companion also introduced me to disco fries! They are happiness covered in gravy and mozzarella cheese.  Best fries ever!  

      Walking day was another great surprise.  Because we were unable to find a ride to our appointment, we walked 15 miles. Then we had the privilege of eating the best potato salad ever (sorry Grandma) though the color of the salad was orange.  We came to find out why the potatoes were so good.  It was because they had about 2 tablespoons of bacon grease in them.  We are hoping to adapt the recipe to something a bit healthier. On the walk home, I drank water like a horse even taking some of my companion’s water.  Sister Houghton says I barely made it, but at least I have a new record for walking.  We had a few miracles along the way of course; we were able to teach two lesson.  One man even committed to baptism after we taught him the restoration lesson.

     Sunday I'm not sure how, but we end up with 2 dinner appointments.  We don't have very many members in our area, so the likelihood that two of them could manage to feed us on the same day was just not very likely.  After having dinners of fajitas and then chili with corn bread, I have never been so full in my life.  And just as I somehow finished my dinner, they bring out ice cream for dessert. There was no way in the world that I could say no to ice cream.  Let’s just say we rolled out of that member’s house.

Sister Rogers

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