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Monday, September 29, 2014

Memorable Zone Conference Led by the President of the Seventy

September 29, 2014

            Well this week is conference—it is so exciting.  I can't wait to hear from the prophets and apostles.  I feel so inspired every time we get an opportunity even to read the talks that are given to help inspire and bless us. 

            This week was Zone Conference and the president of the Seventy came and spoke to us.  It was incredible the words that he spoke.  He said that the church could double its member ship in 10 years.  When he said that it impacted me so much to think that if we really obey the prophet’s council, many people will experience the same happiness and joy we get from being a part of the Lord's kingdom here on earth.  Through my mission I have struggled with overcoming being shy, which is something pretty common for anyone that knows me.  But the most amazing thing is that with the Savior I have been able to take leaps of faith that a year of go would have made me shutter.  So there is hope for all of you that desire to share the gospel, but are maybe a bit nervous to do it.

            Well we will just say that this week was a trial of slow-moving progress.  Everything just happened so fast and before I knew it the week was done and our numbers didn't look as if we had done much.  However, we did do a lot of service.  We painted Sister Melendez’s wooden play house, which was a lot of fun.  Afterwards she opened up to us about how she wants to prepare herself for the temple, but there are a few obstacles standing in her way. Please pray for her. She really needs it.

I love you all.  

Sister Rogers


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