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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Companion

October 13, 2014

            Well this week Sister Houghton and I got an extra addition to our companionship, Sister Cobb. (Pictures will come next week).  How we became companions was a bit crazy.  While tracting on walking day, we got a call from the assistants. My first reaction was emergency transfer.  I was terrified, but fortunately it was just getting an additional companion. Her companion had to go home due to medical reasons.  We were about an hour away from our apartment, so the sisters taking her said they would come pick us up.  It took longer than expected, so of course my brave companion took us to the front of the 7-11 and started waving to cars while singing hymns.  It was so ridiculous; I could not sing hymns because I was laughing so hard.  We did that for about 20 minutes.  I can testify that missions are 18 months of awkward moments.  

            We also had the neat experience of stake conference this week.  One of the Seventy came and spoke.  He made it an audience participation which is something that I have never seen at a conference.  It was a little like a college lecture.

            Sister Papin is doing so well; thanks for the prayers for her.  I know I have not mentioned her for a while.  She wasn't meeting with us for a while because her Mother has increased her dislike of the church.  Sister Papin decided that she needs this in her life, so things have been so much better.  

            Thanks for all the letter and emails. I will be writing everyone next week.  This has just been a busy transfer.

Sister Rogers


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