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Monday, November 17, 2014

Bury Your Weapons

​My First pair of shoes that I got a whole in. 
For awhile I put tape on the hole so rocks wouldn't get in. 
Missionaries wear down soles to save souls
November 17, 2014

            This week was great.  We talked to almost every single person we saw, which is something that has always been super-hard for me, but the Lord called me to “bury my weapons" just like the Anti-Nehi-Lehi people did.  My weapon has been fear.  I've tried to bury that weapon this week and we talked to 74 people this week on the street!  The Lord helps us to lay aside our weaknesses.
            A cool miracle on an exchange happened.  Sister Shiman and I had driven to find a less-active and as we got out of the car, I said hi to someone getting out of their car, but I did not try to talk to them.  I felt super-guilty.  But there is proof that the Lord gives second chances.  After we were unable to find the less-active, the same girl we saw before was walking her dog.   Miracle!  We talked to her and she was so excited to hear more about the message we had to bring.  God is always planting people in our path to help.  The greatest help we can ever give someone is the gospel.  

            On Saturday our appointment that we had set cancelled and being tired, I wanted to move our dinner up.  However, the Spirit had other plans; I am grateful for my companion who was listening.  We still needed 9 people to contact before we could go home, so I said a prayer pleading for people to be outside that we could talk to (people are sometimes annoyed when we knock on their doors.)  We found four people to talk to us, which was a saving grace.  Even the people behind the doors were nice to us.  The spirit was so strong as we drove home.  We had kept the promise that we made to Heavenly Father.

            We taught the young men this week how to teach the first lesson.  They did such a great job bearing their testimonies.  The spirit was strong, especially at the end where they each got to teach one other about the gospel.  They are going to be great missionaries one day.  Even those new 12-year-olds were so good.

Sister Rogers from the Shore

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