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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Out with the Old and In with the New

My old companions that left October 29th
November 3, 2014

            So change has come.  Transfers took 2 companions and brought me another awesome one, Sister Rigby.  She has so much energy it makes me tired just watching her.  We've had so much fun together.  This week was her first walking day with a walk about 4 miles.  It tired her out a bit, so that makes me really excited when we do the average walk of 8 miles on walking day.

            The miracle this week happened while I was comparing the updated ward list with the old one and I noticed a name that I had never seen before.  We scheduled to see them on Sunday, then at ward council the Bishop asked about them.  We felt the urgency of going to see the family by then.  We arrived at the house to find the Grandma there who is an active member of the church.  Her daughter (the member) was getting engaged to a Jewish man and that was why she was not home.  Though the daughter is not active, her 12 year old son was back in their last ward.  It was amazing how the spirit prompts up to find those who need us. 

Sister Rogers

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