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Monday, December 15, 2014

Transfer to Elizabeth

December 15, 2014

            I went to the beautiful land of Elizabeth.  I'm working in an English branch that also has a Spanish ward in the same building.  The area is so city with tons of people and the diversity is amazing.  Mostly we are the only white girls on the street.  The church building is not actually a church, but an old business building.  It is super fun to be in a branch.  Most of the members are actually Spanish that speak English very well.  The Lord has prepared this place for miracles to happen.

            My companion is Sister Clarke.  She has been out only 3 months and is super fun.  She loves to talk to everyone and enjoys pranks.  I am in trouble.  She is from Rigby, Idaho and loves to run, eat, and do crazy things. 

            So we live in an apartment with 2 other Spanish-speaking sisters.  It is a little different than my last apartment because instead of getting my own bathroom, I'm instead sharing one with three other people. It works out pretty well. 

Miracle this week:

            The church put out a new video called “He is the Gift” and as missionaries we have to share it with 10 people every day.  We stopped a man on the street and had him look up the video on his smart phone. During the video his appearance changed as the spirit of the Lord filled him.  He instantly wanted to share it with his Grandma.  He gave us his number all from watching a little video.  It really touched him.  I felt the spirit so strong.  Such a neat experience.

Sister Rogers

My new address is:

167 Elm St.
Elizabeth, NJ 07208   

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